Novx Story

Coming together to blow a hole in traditional thinking

Timberghost Tactical, founded by a group of hardened experts in the shooting sports and hunting industries, sought to bring the most innovative, powerful, effective, and deadly bullet ever made for military and police forces, competitive shooters, those who train and prepare for self-defense, and enthusiasts who shoot for fun and the experience. THE RESULT IS NOVX.

NovX Ammo brought together the most dynamic, emerging technologies in the ammunition industry: the Polycase poly/copper matrix projectiles (ARX®/RNP) and cutting-edge SST Stainless Steel/NAS3 shell casings. Together they create a new class of ammunition.

Polycase has been the undisputed leader in leading edge projectile design and manufacturing with their poly/copper matrix projectiles. The NovX 9mm Luger +P and standard pressure ARX® and RNP standard and +P projectiles set a new standard of performance in self-defense and cross trainer/competition rounds. Developed using industry accepted performance standards, poly/copper bullets are lighter, more accurate, generate lower recoil and shoot flatter than conventional ammunition with comparable loads. The patented ARX® fluted projectile is unmatched; creating wound channels unlike any 9mm self-defense cartridge has ever made before.

Polycase poly/copper projectiles were chosen by NovX to pair with SST NAS3® Stainless Steel shell casings. The NAS3 shell casing is superior to brass and delivers consistency of strength, weight, dimension and alignment. The benefits result in previously unheard-of power, efficiency, velocity, accuracy, weight, lubricity, and cycle rates. Bore fouling is reduced and reloads are increased.

In his February, 2017 article “Is Brass Dead” in Shooting Sports USA, author and expert Art Merrill described the SST NAS3 stainless steel cartridge as “…may be the most significant advance in cartridge case technology since brass replaced the paper cartridge around 1870.”

NovX Ammo and these combined technologies aren’t just leading edge – they are the edge. The end result are the new NovX 9mm Luger ARX®, +P ARX®, and NovX 9mm Luger RNP and +P RNP cartridges. The exclusive combination of stainless and copper results in the lightweight, extreme power, fast, flat-flying, low recoil, fast cycling, and devastating bullet that has already changed the shooting world.

Now lead and brass can be used for what they were meant for: batteries and door knockers.