Will NovX® be introducing new cartridges in addition to 9mm?

Yes! NovX® will be introducing the following cartridges: 380 auto, 38 special, 40 S&W, 45ACP, 7.63/308, and 300 B/O. NovX® will continue to bring the latest technology and cartridges to shooters that deliver the most powerful, hardest-hitting ammunition, with less recoil and match-grade accuracy.

By choosing NovX® 9mm Luger +P Engagement: Extreme ammo, my 9mm pistol will have the power of a 45 ACP?

Yes. NovX® 9mm Luger +P Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense ammunition creates more foot pounds of energy than a lead and brass +P 45 ACP self-defense round. Weighing in at only 65gr, the NovX® +P Engagement: Extreme with a velocity of 1,800 FPS generates 468 FT-LBS of energy. A common 230gr +P 45 ACP self-defense bullet with a velocity of 900 FPS generates 413 foot pounds of energy. So, the power of your 9mm handgun exceeds the power of a 45 ACP when you select NovX® 9mm Luger +P Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense ammo.

What is poly/copper and what are the benefits?

NovX® projectiles are manufactured with a unique copper and high-tensile strength nylon. The manufacturing process creates ballistically matched, frangible/low ricochet bullets that are lead-free and generate massive terminal performance.

What are the benefits of the Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense bullet design?

The design of the NovX® 9mm Luger standard pressure and +P Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense bullets is what makes them accurate and devastating. The grooves in the bullet are called “flutes.” Flutes maintain integrity of flight path. When the projectile hits soft tissue forward energy is transferred laterally. The design and transfer of energy takes hold of tissue and causes massive hydrostatic shock. Think of it this way: ultra-high-speed revolutions of the Engagement: Extreme projectile penetrating soft tissue is like taking a spinning propeller attached to an outboard motor and submerging it into water

Do NovX® rounds break up upon impact?

NovX® Engagement: Extreme and Cross Trainer/Competition projectiles are designed to fragment upon impact with hardened steel, concrete, bone, and other dense materials. Upon contact with bone inside solid tissue, fragmentation can cause multiple wound channels beyond the massive channel created upon impact for even more devastating performance. This means less chance of ricochet and the reduced possibility of collateral damage. When NovX® projectiles break apart upon contact with bone inside solid tissue the fragmentation can cause multiple wound channels beyond the massive channel created upon initial impact.

How do NovX® 9mm Luger Engagement: Extreme Self-Defense and NovX® 9mm Luger Cross Trainer/Competition rounds differ?

9mm Luger Engagement: Extreme is a self-defense projectile that creates massive wound channels. 9mm Luger Cross Trainer/Competition is designed as a target shooting round.

What are the benefits of the NovX® stainless steel casing?

NovX® stainless steel casings are engineered to be 40% lighter than brass. Stainless steel will not clog, foul, wear-out, or damage breach or ejection mechanisms. Stainless steel is also corrosion resistant. NovX® casings help produce more energy, are stronger yet more elastic than brass, self-lubricating, will not chip or crack and corrode, limit bore fouling, and retain original shape immediately upon firing for consistent reloading due to their strength, lubricity, and elasticity. NoxX Stainless steel casings are efficient and generate faster, smoother cycling. They are also magnetic for easy clean up.

Now lead and brass can be used for what they were meant for: batteries and door knockers.